Minimalist Weather App Thumbnail

Minimalist Weather App

This app uses Google maps geocode API and openweathermap API to provide weather information based on the user's location. In addition, this app allows a user to input a specific zipcode and get the weather there. It is designed to be simple, clean, and easy to use.

Random Quote Generator Thumbnail

Random Quote Generator

This random quote generator includes an animation which enlarges the text shortly after fetching the quote. There is also a changing set of background colors, that change every time a new quote is fetched. I also used the twitter API to allow users to tweet their favorite quotes.

clean, and easy to use.

Twitch Viewer Thumbnail

Twitch Viewer

This project uses the API to look up the status for several users. It highlights those who are online vs offline and includes validation that checks if the user has closed their account.

Wikipedia Article Fetcher Thumbnail

Wikipedia Article Fetcher

This app allows users to search for and retrieve wikipedia articles or obtain one at random.


JavaScript Calculator

An online calculator I created using javascript and jQuery.

It's Pomodoro Time Thumbnail

Pomodoro Timer

This minimalist pomodoro timer allows users to select the time of their sessions and breaks. The app will display an alert and start a beeping sound when the timer ends.

Dragon Slayer Thumbnail

Dragon Slayer

This game is written with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery. It allows a user to create new character if they die and attack a dragon. The dragon and the player each deal random damage with set floor and ceiling.

Rock Paper Scissors Thumbnail

Rock Paper Scissors

This is a simple digital version of Rock Paper Scissors. When the user presses play, they are prompted to choose one of the three; the computer will choose one of the three choices at random, then the result is displayed.

In-silico Digest Thumbnail

In-silico Digest

This program allows the user to choose a restriction enzyme and input a DNA sequence. Once they do so, the length of DNA fragments that will exist after digestion will be generated and displayed. This is a helpful tool that allows biologists to see what band sizes they should expect before performing a digestion.


Front-End Web developer

Experienced in several coding languages







Research Biologist

Experienced in bench research

Molecular biology techniques

CRISPR/Cas9 in zebrafish and nematodes

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My insatiable curiosity for life and all its mysteries has led me down many paths. I've created chainmail armor and jewelry, built several websites and blogs, written 2 novels, published a short story and a novella, created 3D graphics and animations, , and carried out several scientific research experiments.

I have been writing for years, but they were short scribbles of random information. It wasn't until I started writing a short story, "The Dragon's Den," that I discovered my love for writing. That story is currently on the back burner as I didn't know enough about plot structure at the time to write a full, publishable novel. To date, I have published a novella and a short story. I have two novels and another novella in progress right now.

While at UCF, my interest in biology deepened. During my Junior year, I switched my graduate plans from Physical Therapy to Bioengineering. It was the best decision I've ever made. In May 2016, I graduated with my M.Eng. in biomedical engineering from Boston University. For my capstone project, my three-person team designed and developed a novel medical device for use in interventional cardiology. I love being in the lab, performing research experiments, and discovering novel therapies. My current research at Boston Children's Hospital focuses on elucidating the genetic mechanisms underlying angiogenesis.

My interest in coding started in middle school when I attempted to make several simple video games. During undergrad, I built a website using PHP, mySQL, and JavaScript, which allowed users to sign up for an account and create flash cards for studying. Now, I am going through freeCodeCamp's curriculum to develop my skills further.







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